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"The Adventurer's Guild: Countdown" is an exciting Choose-Your-Own adventure story created for Qubic & Friends Winterfest 2021.

You are Sam: the newest member of a group of gamers called The Adventurers Guild. You learn that one of the Guild members is hosting a New Year's Eve party with a huge indie game tournament, and that your crush will be attending! You have only 5 days to 'git gud' at a host of fantastic indie titles from QubicGames, All iN! Games, Untold Tales, Tate Multimedia, naptime.games in order to emerge victorious.

If that wasn't enough, your family, friends, and job need your attention as well. Can you balance all the growing needs of your schedule, fix your relationships, improve your skills, and win your crush's heart?


-A quickfire text-based Adventure you can complete in about 20 minutes

-10 different endings (that will take you FAR MORE than 20 minutes to see all of)

-No instant Game Overs: every path gets you to somewhere on New Year's Eve

-Over 30,000 words worth of drama, humor, romance, and pop culture references

-Featuring more than 15 awesome games from Qubic & friends, all of which the author highly recommends!!!